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*** This bird is currently on our Waitlist and is with their current owner. It may be possible to visit and adopt this bird prior to it being moved to a foster home. Please keep in mind that birds on the Waitlist may not have had a veterinary visit. Their owners may or may not be caring for the bird at EBR minimum standards of care.***

Per her current owner: Olive has a lot of potential. She greets her human whenever they walk in a room. She has a beautiful voice and has been very loved. She can step-up, but only when she's really feeling like it. She clicks and bocks like a chicken when she eats. She would destroy the world for a walnut. She loves to say "what doing doing", sometimes with many "doing"s added on the end. She needs a patient owner that knows the challenges of a female IRN. She truly is a sweetheart, she just needs the right person to teach her to bite less. She loves when I use my continuous misting bottle to give her a bath. She spreads her wings wide and flaps them in happiness. She loves head scratches and hates her feet being touched.




Age or hatch date:

5 years old


Female, by feather test

Best qualities:

She always greets her human when they enter the room. She loves head scratches and kisses.

Favorite food:

Walnuts and pine nuts

Favorite toys:

Wooden blocks

Dowel or step-up trained:

Yes, to hand or am


Aggression. Her body language is a little difficult to read, as she'll go from kissing you to trying to bite your lip off. She bites often when she wants her head scratched. She is also very aggressive toward smaller birds and should not be left alone in a room with a smaller bird.


She can say "what doing doing" and "good boy" in her IRN accent, kind of trilled. Sometimes she says "huh" and she also loves to bock like a chicken while she eats.

Health issues:


Gets along with birds:


Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids:


Foster home has expressed interest in adopting this bird:


1/25/24, 9:51 PM

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